Activity trackers are the rage these days at least 20 per cent of the American population are now using them. Sales of smart wearables, including activity are growing at a rapid rate.

Can activity trackers really help you to move more, get healthier, and possibly even lose some of those extra pounds? The answer is yes, if of course you pay attention to what they are saying about your activity level and step up the pace to boost your movement. The real kicker is that when you first start wearing one you will notice how inactive you are!

Just knowing how inactive you are isn’t enough.  You need to have the motivation to start moving more or basically any activity tracker will be useless to your health and well-being.  You would think that seeing where you stand at the moment with the use of an activity tracker would give you the boost to get off your butt.  Activity trackers can help you wake up and notice your activity and sleep patterns, perhaps that is enough to help you start moving forward with your health and fitness goals. Are you ready to join the millions that are already tracking their activity? Here are some activity trackers that you might want to consider:

  • Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band
  • Samsung Gear Fit SmartWatch
  • UP by Jawbone
  • Polar Loop Activity Tracker
  • Sketchers Go Walk Activity Tracker
  • Pivatol Living Activity Tracker

The activity tracking craze is crazy popular right now, jump on board and take your health to the next level!